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We make our Custom Signs in a variety of different ways. From a simple MDO plywood background with vinyl letters to Hand Carved signs with 23 karat gold leaf. Please click on the thumbnails below and browse through our collection of examples and note the construction information listed at the bottom of each picture. Feel free to call us with any questions you might have at 433-7446

This cool sign is waterjet cut from core-ten steel and lighted from behind with LED's We designed and fabricated these 3'd carved urethane graphics on a panel provided by Eddinger Enterprises. This very cool sign was carved from 3" thick urethane and mounted to a T&G cedar background all aluminum and steel sign post with automotive matte finish and reflective copy. this sign is well built with huge timbers, a faux finished and resined MDO face and 1/2" plex letters This sign is well built with huge timbers, a double layered and resined MDO face and 1/2 This sign identifying the Town of Fulton is 3 dimensionally carved urethane over resined MDO with palladium leaf and acrylic house paints... with custom powdercoated posts and bracket. The "new" Big John's Market has these awesome 3 dimensionally carved urethane letters with 23K gold leaf. This sign is 2 layers of 3/4" MDO with a plex logo panel.  The background is a digital wood grain with a matte clear coat, and the frame is 2"x4" cedar. Aluminum cabinets painted in automotive finish and lettered with 1/2" plex faced with brushed aluminum. distressed plywood background with distressed vinyl copy.  The curved frame is tricky, but no problem for us. Some cut-out MDO letters mounted to a roof ridgeline using a custom made bracket. MDO Plywood background with gold leafed 3-D carved urathane letters Stainless Steel Letters on the side of a stucco building Flat MDO Plywood with a digital print This sign for the historic REC. PARK in Healdsburg is completely carved from 1.5" this urethane. The lettering and border of this sign is incise carved into 1" urethane panels, and the small script copy is hand painted.  We used 6" x 6" redwood posts and 2"x6" cedar framing. This signs is a 3/4 1/2" plex letters "stud" mounted off the surface of frosted glass 3-D carved urathane letters with 23K gold leaf 1/4" brushed aluminum 

pin-mounted to building surface Urathane letters an 2-d carved city logo... 

this sign is 13 years old at the time of this picture, but recently refreshed. This sign in the Coddingtown Mall is 1/2 A solid chunk of urathane covered with epoxy for strength. The copy, 

graphics and border are 1/2" plex. A solid chunk of urathane covered with epoxy for strength. The copy, graphics 

and border are 1/2" plex. Main design is simple flat graphics on an MDO panel.  Tenant 

names are alumilite panels with digital prints mounted to a custom aluminum grid.  Sign is mounted to 6"x6" posts with 

2"x8" beams. 3-D urathane with white gold leaf and black "smalt" background, over a 

vinyl covered 3/4" MDO plywood panel This 

entire sign is carved from a single chunk of urathane.  The background is convex and all copy is 3-D Matted MDO with 3-D carved copy shown 

in both gold leaf & enamels.  The background is faux finished and the lettering is mildly distressed. See a close-up in the 

"Sign Details" section of this site 3-d Carved urathane panel with 23K gold leaf 3-D carved Urathane panel with 23K gold leaf Simple MDO panel with vinyl lettering Existing monument that we re-faced with rough siding & solid stain.  Logos are 3-D urathane with 23K gold 24K gold leafed 3D letters on urathane panel with a "smalt" background, all mounted to a MDO directory 

framed and Posted in Redwood This sign is framed MDO with a digital background to 

get the shadow effect.  Then 1/2" plex letters were applied to the face. A simple plywood 

sign with 1/4" plex letters hanging from a custom bracket. This sign is made 

from an aluminum pan wrapped in black vinyl.  We designed the logo, cut the letters from 1/2" plex and pin-mounted them approx. 

1/2" off the surface An aluminum pan painted in bronze automotive enamels is lettered with 

1/4" brushed aluminum.  The letters were pin-mounted 1/2" off the surface 3-D carved from urathane and sprayed with 

"cold" bronze then patinaed.  Sign was then mounted to stained and varnished Alderwood board Digital print applied to existing propane tank.  Logo designed by us was slightly modified to fit proportions of tank 2-D carved from 1.5 This picture was taken 11 years after completion and this sign shows minimal signs of aging.  The only thing 

noticable is the missing letters in the word "Healdsburg" 1/8" aluminum letters mounted to an existing tile monument.  Graphics designed in 

house 1/2" plex letters mounted to an existing 

monument Aluminum pan mounted to wood monument we coated with a texture paint.  The pan and 1/2" plex 

letters are automotive painted.  Secondary copy is in vinyl 1/2" aluminum letters and graphics pin-mounted to an aluminum box.  Everything is automotive painted 3d carved urathane interior sign painted in acrylics and oil enamels.  This sign was designed in house Relief carved urathane with faux finished background 3d carved urathane panel painted in 

exterior acrylics and oil based enamels 1/2" 

plex copy mounted to an epoxy encompassed slab of urathane 1/2" plex copy mounted to an epoxy encompassed slab of urathane 1/2" plex letters over a epoxy covered panel of urathane 1" urathane letters mounted to a hospital wall here 

in Healdsburg, CA MDO and aluminum 

panels mounted to an interesting post system 1/2" plex letters & graphic covered with brushed aluminum and 

pin-mounted approx. 3/4" from automotive painted aluminum pan background 3/4" shaped MDO panel with digital print and 

1/2'' plex copy 1/4" plex letters with automotive paint mounted to an MDO 

panel then pin-mounted off existing rock wall Core-ten steel purposely rusted, with 1/4" brushed aluminum copy and graphic.  We also 

poured the engineered concrete base MDO parking sign. 3d carved urathane logo with 23K gold and "smalt" (cut glass) background were added 

for impact 3d carved 

urathane with 23k gold letters and "smalt" (cut glass) background mounted in Yountville, Napa Valley Urathane copy, aluminum panel mounted to an aluminum box 

designed to fit over an existing rock wall. Everything is painted with automotive paints 3d carved urathane with enamel 

and 23k gold leaf copy & graphics Vinyl 

on a provided windmill tail.  An old fashioned design created in house Mike's 

holding up a urathane sign that eventually was hung in front of our own shop.   Of course it is 3d carved urathane with 23k gold and 

silver leaf.  It has a smalt (crushed glass) black border, and can be seen in all its glory from 75 ya Matted MDO background with 1/2 plex and vinyl copy & graphic. The 

faux effect on the white background is intentional.  It matches the stationary used by the company 3d carved from a chunk of urathane. 

 Copy is enameled and 23k gold leaf All 3d urathane carved logos added to an existing freeway sign in Napa Valley.  We used 23k 

gold leaf, copper leaf, and paladium/silver leaf on the different logos 3/4 1/2" plex copy mounted to an epoxy encompassed slab of urathane 1/2" plex copy over matted MDO background 2d carved urathane copy and a hand carved scroll mounted 

over matted MDO.  Designed in house A simple framed MDO panel with a marque added.  There is a 

framed plexi-glass cover over the entire sign 3d carved 

urathane letters mounted to building 1" urathane copy painted in acrylic and mounted to building 1/2" aluminum powder-coated letters mounted to stucco structure 3d carved urathane letters with enamel paints and 23k gold.  

This set was shipped to Hawaii 1/2 Simple MDO plywood sign cut to shape using our 

5'x10' router table.  It has vinyl copy and graphics and some 1/2" plex copy too This simple sign was designed by us and is 2d carved from urathane.  It's now almost 10 years old and looks 

almost as good as it did the day we hung it. Made 

from bronze and copper right here in our shop.  Patina-ed to match another that was nearby This logo was sand carved out of flagstone and mounted in a stucco monument 3d carved panel mounted over MDO for strength.  The grape illustration was done by a local artist 3d carved from urathane with a fauxed finished background and 23k gold leaf copy.  This sign was donated to the 

City of Healdsburg and hangs on a wall at the City Hall.  It is being installed by Mike and my daughter Erin Matted MDO background with 1/2 plex copy & graphic. 3d carved urathane with 

hand painted background and letters 3d carved urathane copy with paladium/silver leaf.  Matted background with striped face panel.  Graphic of kids and 

secondary copy is cut out plex.  We designed and fabricated this entire sign 1/2" plex copy over a matted MDO background. This sign was designed by the customer The heart is hand carved with vinyl copy painted in high gloss enamels Hand lettering & 

vinyl over MDO plywood MDO Vinyl graphics over MDO panels A fun project hand painted in 1988 with the help of my mentor Al Scott, who taught me my trade from 1981 until his 

passing in 1999 Matted MDO background with 1/2 plex copy & graphic. 1" urathane copy.  The "O" is a 3d convex 

carved urathane detail Simple painted urathane background with 1/2" plex copy.  The 

"O" is a 3d convex carved detail Matted MDO background, 

3d carved urathane copy with black "smalt" (cut glass) black border.  Secondary copy in 1/2" MDO, and a hand carved, 

and hand painted circle graphic Matted MDO background, 3d carved urathane copy with black 

"smalt" (cut glass) black border.  Secondary copy in 1/2" MDO A close up of a hand carved urathane 

graphic for a local grocery store We designed the logo and used vinyl graphics over a simple MDO 

panel.  It was hung by the customer on an existing post structure Carved from a baseball bat.  We think it shows, 

there is nothing we won't try 10 commandments carved out of 

corian, painted in enamels and donated to our church 1/2" plex copy over an existing panel Hand carved rose and 3d carved letters over a matted background 3d urathane copy & graphics 

over matted MDO background Matted MDO 

background with 3d carved urathane graphic and 1/2" plex copy 1/2 Urathane copy on matted MDO background Carved convex oval with 3d carved 23k gold letters over a matted MDO background.  Secondary copy is 1/2" 

white plex, lightly sanded to remove the sheen. 23k Gold on 3d carved urathane letters.  Secondary copy is 1/2" plex. Letters are mounted to a matted MDO background Urathane and mdo make up this "sister" sign to the main one This MDO and 3d carved urathane sign was 

noticed by a sign magazine from Florida and printed in their "Signs we've seen" page.  We think that is an honor Fabricated aluminum box with flat black vinyl graphics under 

a 3d carved logo icon painted with enamels and 23k gold leaf Router carved 

redwood with hand painted bird & copy 3d carved urathane painted with acrylic and oil base 1/2" plex letters mounted to a custom fitting matted MDO 

panel Brushed aluminum matte background with painted MDO face panel. 1/2" plex letters and pin mounted digital 

prints mounted to 1/4" acrylic 3d carved urathane with 23k gold leaf and smalt (cut glass) outline.  The bracket was custom made. 3d urathane cut out letters using a logo we designed MDO panel with 2d and 3d carved components. Everything is hand painted, including the gradient 

background. The book is hand carved. An interior MDO panel framed in 2 Aluminum pan mounted to existing monument has vinyl 

lettering using a design we created MDO panels with vinyl copy & digital graphics.  Additional panel 

has "Geysers" printed with a gradient 3-D carved urathane panel with 

23K gold leaf and enameled lettering 2 MDO panels with Digital background and 1/2 Matted MDO background with 3d carved urathane main copy.  we used smalt (crushed glass) as the large black 

outline, and 1/2 1/2
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