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Here you can see some close-ups of various construction techniques. As you click on each thumbnail, please read the descriptions below each picture to help you get a good idea of what you are seeing.

1/4 3-d computer carved grapes with antiqued finish. Hand carved pig on a stained sandblasted cedar background.  The pig was painted to match the Mildly distress 3-D carved urathane copy on matted 

MDO panel.  The green background was faux finished Redwood framing with 8"x8" posts and 4"x4" 

support Core-ten steel with 1/4" brushed aluminum letters pin-mounted 1/2" the surface Aluminum face mounted to a 3d carved urathane frame.  The 

aluminum oval icon is machined from a single chunk of aluminum, and has a digital print applied.  Everything is painted with automotive 

paints 1/2" MDO over painted cedar matte.  

Suspended from a redwood structure Hand carved urathane with redwood 

frame.  Several years old when this picture was taken Plex letters over 3/4" MDO Typical sandblasted sign, although this one has a solid stain rather than the preferred semi transparent stain 2d carved urathane.  Hand painted Rough redwood structure with 3d carved and 23k gold leafed urathane letters.  

Other components are cut from 1/2" plex Simple wood frame with MDO plywood faces, mounted to 6"x6" 

pressure treated fir posts Convex urathane letter with gold leaf. The black border is 

"smalt" (cut glass) Hand 

carved and hand painted urathane 3d 

routed cedar stained  and painted to look old and rustic.  Like it spent a lot of time near the ocean 23K gold on 3d urathane letter Faux finished aluminum letter.  Painted 

to look like heavily patina-ed copper stencil made from 3mm pvc routed 

corian 3d urathane carved crest with 23k gold leaf and enamels 1/2" aluminum letters covered with brushed aluminum and pin-mounted to automotive painted aluminum 

pan Hand carved urathane rose over matted MDO background Aluminum pan mounted to a wood structure 

painted with textured material 1/2" aluminum letters pin mounted from surface Routed brass 3D Carved & Painted
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