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All Employees at Healdsburg Signs have one thing in common. Their appreciation for the companies desire to create an excellent product honestly. They stand by all their work - they always have and they always will.


Jim Lago
Jim Lago founded Healdsburg Signs, Inc. in 1981. Possessing natural talents in design and an ability to read the needs of his customers, Jim has become one of the most sought after sign designer & consultants in the North Bay. Within his 36 years of experience his company has produced literally thousands of signs, many with landmark or historical status. If Jim designs or produces your identification...it is obvious, the quality speaks for itself. His business is the standard in its field in regard to quality, honesty and integrity ....Jim has always insisted upon that.
Tami Lago
Tami Lago joined her husband in 1995, and has spent 24 hours a day with him ever since. She is the chief financial controller and estimator and has a honest approach to everything she does. Tami is the mother figure to everyone in the shop, and treats them like they are her own kids, (2 employees actually are). When she is not at work, she can be found at home working (some more) on estimates or paperwork. She loves spending time in her garden or enjoying her family, in particular her grandchildren.
Kyle Way
Kyle Way started working for us in October of 2005, when he was only 15 years old. Initially chosen for of his maturity, integrity and work ethic. Kyle has proven his worth, and worked his way to shop manager, a job he takes very seriously and performs very well. Kyle is a no-nonsense hard working man who cares deeply about his customers, how they are treated, and the quality of the product he provides them.
Mike Dale
Mike Dale has been employed at Healdsburg Signs Inc since 1997 and is without question the shop craftsman. Mike has an uncanny ability to understand everything mechanical, and operates and maintains the production equipment at the shop. We are known for our awesome dimensional signs, and Mike is the man who makes them. He has his own workshop separate from the rest of us where he can create his masterpieces. Mike has developed into a true master of his trade, and we are proud to have him on our team.
Erin Lago-Dericco
Erin Lago-Dericco like her father is a natural designer and has worked at some capacity in the shop since she was a child. She produces most of the sign designs, and has become an excellent graphic designer. She undersands how to design an attractive product, while still paying close attention to the visual impact from a distance which is crucial in our industry and invaluable to our customers. While many designers are capable of making an attractive product, erin has a knack of making it attractive and effective. She is truly one of the "great" sign designers of our area.
Joe Brumell
Joe Brumell Joe is a fine young man with great character and a desire to create the best product possible. He is proud to be a member of this great group of craftsman and works hard each day creating awesome masterpieces with his partners in fabrication.
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